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Let's walk together for a while using my new service at the Salvation Army - Forest Road E17

Submitted by Petra on Mon, 10/26/2015 - 12:02
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UPDATE: Sadly this service at the Salvation Army had to be cancelled due to changes beyond my control sad 

Hello smiley

I am starting a Breastfeeding support and Counselling service at the Salvation Army - it is open to everyone.

I will be there Fridays from the 13.11.2015 onwards and as I have to pay for the room I have to see how I can best organise it. I am wondering if an online booking service will be best, as I then can also tell the Salvation Army how long I would like the room and if I need it on other days. I am interested to hear your thoughts and comments on it, so I can create a service that supports you the most.

Please email me either over the contact page or via [email protected] the options you prefer and add any comment at the bottom – Thank you smiley

1.     Breastfeeding Group

-         Run as a drop-in

-         Online booking

-         A variation of the above

2.     Postnatal Depression Group (small – closed – running for 8 – 10 weeks) - Payment amount depends on size of group

3.     Birth Trauma Group (small – closed – running for 8 – 10 weeks) - Amount depends on size of group

4.     Private Counselling sessions - Walthamstow rate £30/session

4.     Funding for the breastfeeding support group – I will have to start with the pay option, while I’ll work out if there is a way to do this where you don’t have to pay

-         You pay

-         Crowd funding

-         Grant

5.     What amount do you feel able to pay for a 30 minute session?

         Nothing  -  Donation  -  £ 5  -  £10  -  £15  -  £ 20 -  more


smiley THANK YOU smiley