Gestalt Counselling

I am a trained Gestalt counsellor, offering both short and long term therapy in North East London. 

You are welcome to come on your own, or if you know of a group of men or women who would like to explore some themes together for a while, I am happy to do this too. 

I am offering you a safe place where you can explore the themes that are important to you.

During my work as a Breastfeeding counsellor and Lactation consultant I noticed that there are areas/themes where men and women are left very much alone and unsupported. I therefore decided to focus some of my time on offering support with these specific themes:

  • Pre Natal Depression
  • Talking through (processing) and/or grieving for the birth you planned and didn’t get
  • Processing and/or grieving for the loss of a breastfeeding relationship (you either never got started or had to stop much earlier than planned)
  • Processing how you felt watching your partner give birth – for some it is the most beautiful thing in the world and for others the intenseness (some would call it ‘brutality’) of the birthing has an unexpected negative impact on the way they feel about themselves, their partner and the baby.
  • Post Natal Depression – a theme that affects men and women, yet it is very rarely talked about and most off the time it is worked on the assumption that it only affects women.
  • The baby ended up in special care – here is a space where you can explore, debrief and process all the emotions that come up with an event like that
  • The death of a child (during pregnancy and beyond)
  • Pregnancy and birth bring often up themes, dreams and fears stemming from your own upbringing. They can impact on how you want or can relate to your child and/or partner. It is easy – especially in the first few weeks – to struggle with the new dynamics in your relationship and get lost with it.

I am happy for you to bring your baby/babies with you to the sessions.

If you want to contact me to set up an initial meeting to see if we want to walk alongside each other for  while, or just to ask me any further questions, please use the Contact page. I will respond to your email promptly.

If you prefer to talk my phone number is 07757 407 075