La Leche League Waltham Forest

                                                                               2016 Summer meeting dates and news

Come along to our friendly meetings to meet other pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

Benefit from our library of books and leaflets.

Share information, ideas and problems or difficulties.

 We provide encouragement and support for breastfeeding mothers.

                                                                        This is a safe space where you can pick up information and ideas to help you find a solution, which suits you and your baby/family.

                                                                                                               Or where you can dig through all those ‘shoulds’ and reconnect with your instincts.

04.05.16   Coffee morning
18.05.16   Series 1: Breastfeeding and me?
01.06.16   Coffee morning
15.06.16   Series 2: Discovering your breastfeeding relationship
06.07.16   Coffee morning

20.07.16   Series 3: Meeting the challenges

03.08.16   Coffee morning

17.08.16   Series 4: The wonderful world of weaning 

From 10am to 12pm at Lloyd Park Children’s Centre, Winns Ave entrance, Lloyd Park, Walthamstow E17 5JW.

Coffee mornings are informal social get-togethers where you can meet other pregnant/breastfeeding women. There will usually be an LLL leader (breastfeeding counsellor) present. 
Series meetings (Series 1, Series 2, etc) are LLL leader-led and are structured around a topic for general discussion, although there is plenty of room in the conversation for any questions you’d like to bring. For the series meetings, please arrive by 10:00 for a 10:15 start.      

All meetings finish at 12:00

You don’t need to be an LLL member to attend these fortnightly meetings. However, we’re required to give the children’s centre a list of those attending, and you’ll be asked to complete a registration form if it’s your first visit to the centre. A voluntary £1 donation to LLL WF is also welcome.

Group leaders are available anytime offering support and information to breastfeeding mothers: 

Elizabeth   020 – 85276625                  Saradadevii  020 – 8529 0053

Extra Meetings:

Please check with Elizabeth for Dates and Venue.

Worried you’ll miss a meeting?

We now send our newsletter via ‘mailchimp’ – you can sign up here (bottom of the page):…

Evaluation and Planning meeting:

provides an opportunity for further enrichment and the chance to participate in the organisation of the group.

Please check with Elizabeth or me for Dates and Venue.


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A little taster:

Breastfeeding Matters magazine

The ambition of Mother’s Milk Books is to publish books for children and adults that normalize breastfeeding. There are very few children’s books on the market that illustrate the natural beauty of the breastfeeding mother-baby dyad, and we at Mother’s Milk Books would like to change that!

Musings on Mothering is now available and here is a little taster:…