Supervision and training for health professionals


As Health professionals you are often asked to work with either very little or no space to take care of ourselves.

Every person you meet has an impact on you. They can make you feel good about yourself and laugh; or they anger you, open old wounds or make you feel overwhelmed with their stories.

Often you have enough knowledge – tools in your box – to deal with this and sometimes you get entangled in their lives or lost. 

It is those experiences where it is supportive to have a space where you can explore and untangle what is going on – and that is what supervision can offer you:

A safe space, where you can debrief, be heard and forge the tools you need so you don’t burn out.

Everything you talk about is confidential.


I offer training on a variety of themes. 

  • Tongue tie and its impact on breastfeeding
  • Ante and Post natal depression in men and women
  • Supporting the breastfeeding mother/family 
  • Counselling the nursing mother
  • Peer supporter training – training mothers to support mothers in their community

These are just some of the themes – feel free to contact me and discuss the specific themes you have in mind. I am happy to create together with you a training that meets your needs.


Supervision – £ 40 per hour

Training – £ 100 for half a day

                 £ 180 for a whole day

Peer supporter training – depends on the length pf the course