What Parents say…

* “I met you and your advice was excellent, down to earth, practical and tailored to mine and my friends particular needs. You were pragmatic, sensitive and helpful. Thank you so much.”

* “I had attended Petra’s breastfeeding support group at my local Children’s Centre, this helped give me the confidence & knowledge to continue to learn how to and enjoy breastfeeding my son.”

* “Petra was immediately able to identify that my second boy had a tongue tie and lip tie. Petra was able to give me information on all the options available to me, and I greatly valued her great breadth of knowledge and passion in her area of expertise that has led her to learn so much and be able to impart such holistic advice and information, and leave me to make my own decision.”

* Link to blog which describes a parents experience: https://bbmakes.wordpress.com/2017/08/03/my-experiences-with-breastfeedi…

* “It was August 2015. Nobody ever told me that breastfeeding was hard work. I guess I stupidly assumed it was like what you saw in the movies – easy and natural! Not so AT ALL (at least not my experience anyway!) I’m saddened that no mothers ever shared this with me before, it’s almost like it’s some kind of dirty secret that women feel as though they must be quiet about. 

Anyhow, it was rough and as determined as I was to breastfeed, after a traumatic birth experience which ended in an emergency c-section but at least a healthy baby with all ten fingers and ten toes which is what you pray for! – we were smitten with our firstborn son from first glance. 

We wanted to give him the absolute best we could offer and for us, that was breastfeeding, no matter the cost! But what a cost it was! It was the most painful thing I’d ever experienced (next to childbirth of course)! There were many nights I spent simultaneously crying on the couch and praying to God because I didn’t know how long I could bear with the pain. 

Gratefully, God granted the tenacity to continue and also the wisdom to find the angel – PETRA on the great Google machine. At first, I was tentative to contact her because I was certain that the midwives/health visitors would be able to sort out my problems but no one could! They just kept coming on their visits and saying that I was doing everything right but that for a time it would just be painful and that was something I would have to accept! :'(

I read something about tongue tie on one of my many Google searches and even though I had asked several NHS professionals to look at my son’s tongue, they all said he wasn’t tongue tied and he was fine. In other words, it was as though I was made to feel like I was crazy! A couple of times it was even suggested that I just ‘go to formula’ if it was too much for me. 

Maybe it was pure bullheadedness but I didn’t want to give up. I was willing to try anything to be able to achieve my dreams of breastfeeding my son. Everything else had gone so horrifically wrong with my birth plan that I wanted to ensure that at least ONE THING went well! 


She was very easy to contact via her website, her response time was excellent, and then she was also very easy when it came to organising a day to come to mine that worked for me. On the day she came, I was a bit nervous and honestly, apprehensive about meeting with her because I felt like I had tried everything else and nothing was working but she was so kind and patient upon entering my home that any fears I had dispelled immediately. 

She very sweetly allowed me time and space to recall every traumatic second of the horrendous birthing experience and I remember her being very wholeheartedly warm and supportive throughout. She was worth every penny I paid her for the visit. She calmly walked me through many things that could potentially help me going forward and she also brought me several printouts for reading going forward. She also took a look at my son’s tongue and to my great SURPRISE – identified a tongue tie! I was shocked to find that as I said before, I had asked many times and was told many times that he didn’t have one so I was quite shocked. She agreed to do the referral to the hospital to have the snip procedure and within a few weeks, we had a date and the procedure was successful and breastfeeding was a thousand times better! It was like NIGHT AND DAY of a difference to feeding him before the procedure to after and to think, if I had never contacted Petra then I never would’ve known! 

So, I cannot recommend her work enough! I’m quite certain if I had never found Petra that my breastfeeding journey would’ve ended quite difficulty – no doubt with me being frustrated and sad, feeling a failure and feeling like yet something else with my motherhood journey had gone awry and was outside of my control. 🙁 

I’ve since recommended her to a few friends and will continue to do so when mummies contact me about requiring additional support with breastfeeding. Unfortunately this country doesn’t have enough support for breastfeeding issues, so having someone like Petra by your side during such a precious time is crucial! 

Because of Petra’s kind touch and diligent professionalism, my son just turned 1 and I’m STILL breastfeeding him! Exclusively since he was born, just as I always hoped I would! I thank God for Petra because she is a lifesaver. 

THANK YOU, Petra. Our family will always be grateful to you.”