Information for parents

Welcome smiley

I am glad you found my website and hope you are finding what you are looking for.

Just to let you know: I am happy to work weekends or in emergencies evenings – breastfeeding support (especially with very young babies) is often needed fast and I will try my best to be there when needed the most.

Please feel free to call and I see what I can do to support you.

So – have a look around (there is plenty of information on the ‘Links page’) and feel free to contact me via the phone or the contact page with any question you might have. smiley

You might have ended up here: 

  • looking for help with very specific issues, e.g. baby is not latching or not going to the breast at all, you are in pain during the feeds
  • you think your baby might have a tongue tie (for more info please see my ‘Tongue Tie page’ under ‘Breastfeeding’)
  • because you are not sure what is going on, but something is not right
  • or because you just want to make sure you are not missing something. 

What ever it is feel free to contact me via email or phone – 07757 407 075 – so we can discuss your concerns and decide together how I can best support you.

What I offer:

Ante natal

Sadly, with too few midwives out there and ante natal courses not always available, you might feel that you have not got as much information on breastfeeding as you would like. I can visit you at home and talk through any questions and worries you might like to share. This can be done either in a personal consultation (partners are welcome) or you can  invite me to talk to a small group (also a good way to lay the foundations of a support network for when the baby is born).

Questions you might like to discuss:

  • How does breastfeeding work?
  • Attaching and positioning the baby at the breast
  • The impact of medication during birth on breastfeeding.
  • Post natal depression
  • The possible impact of bottles on breastfeeding
  • What to expect: ‘normal’ baby behaviour.                                                                   

Often we can imagine everything up to the moment the baby is born, after that everything becomes a bit of a blur. I am happy to help you to get a clearer picture and can tailor the session to your needs/questions.

Post natal

I offer home visits to support you to work out any questions or difficulties you might encounter. The initial visit will take between 1.5 – 2 hours, follow ups are often just an hour. I offer ongoing telephone and email support.


Ante natal

2 hour session – £60

For longer sessions or small groups prices will vary – please contact me for more information.

Post natal home visit

The inital consultation can take up to 2 hours and is charged at the discounted price off  £70 – every hour after that is £40.


I charge £10 for travel – this is an acknowledgement of the time I travel (2-3 hours per visit) without charging my hourly rate. 


Private Practice

If you prefer to visit me at my private practice, then please contact me via the contact form, so we can arrange a time suitable to all of us 🙂

I charge for this service £20/hour.

I look forward to hearing from you.