Babies and sensory perception issues

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Information and support on miscarriage and stillbirth

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Information on Vitamin D and Forever Living Aloe Vera

Insufficient glandular tissue and low milk supply


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The first few weeks with a baby

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Babies and sensory perception issues

Breastfeeding and the sensory world of the baby

Sensory processing and breastfeeding

Tactile Defensiveness and Other Sensory Modulation Difficulties

Breastfeeding and Sensory Processing (Resources)

Body work

The importance of breastfeeding a – craniopathic perspective

Video: Cranial Osteopathy for babies

Video: Overview of Paediatric Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy – sensory processing disorder in children or adults

Cranial Osteopathy

Explanation of osteopathic work

Breastfeeding difficulties and chiropractic bodywork

Exclusively pumping

Exclusively pumping breast milk

Exclusively Pumping breast milk – Facebook group

Exclusive pumping: Making it work for you

Information on Infant sleep

LLL sleep information

Infant Sleep Information Source

Infant Sleep Information Source – Facebook group

Co-Sleeping With Infants

Information and support on miscarriage and stillbirth


Still standing

Mrs. Duck And The Woman – A Story of Healing

Flash Of Life – a collection of poems

Information on breastfeeding

La Leche League – get support and find your local group

La Leche League Shop


Breastfeeding without birthing

Adoptive Breastfeeding

Human Milk sharing

Milk allergy in babies

Coeliac disease and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding baby with cancer

Breastfeeding with Leukemia: the Non-Regrets of a Bereaved Mother

Breastfeeding and allergies

Homeopathy and motherhood

Homeopathy and Breastfeeding

Natural Remedies

Breastfeeding in combat boots

Breastfeeding after breast and nipple surgeries

Breastfeeding after reduction surgery

Breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery

Baby buddy app

Information on Vitamin D and Forever Living Aloe Vera

Thoughts on the vitamin D controversy

Vitamin D requirements during pregnancy, lactation & early infancy: A moving target?

Vitamin D and breastmilk what’s a babe to do

Information and ordering of Forever Living organic aloe vera

Insufficient glandular tissue and low milk supply

Insufficient glandular tissue and breastfeeding

Not everyone can breastfeed

Risk of invalidating moms who say they can’t breastfeed

Why some moms can’t exclusively breastfeed: An IGT mum’s journey

The Impact of Thyroid Dysfunction on Lactation

Long-term at-breast supplementing for the breastfed baby

Lactogenic food and herbs

Increasing milk production

Living with chronic low milk supply


LGBTQ friendly health care providers (world wide)

LGBTQ Parenting

LGBTQ Parenting Network

Breastfeeding and parenting from a transgender perspective

Breastfeeding story of a transgender dad

Breastfeeding transgender dad looks back on one year of breastfeeding his baby

Transgender Law Centre USA

Mental health

Common pregnancy worries: antenatal depression

D-MER – negative feelings when breastfeeding

Alia Macrina Heise from – Facecbook group

Is D-MER real: does breast milk letdown really cause depression?

Handouts on Depression in New Mothers

Resources for fathers

Helping men beat the baby blue and overcome depression

Long term healing/perspectives

Depression in men: a dad’s story of male postpartum depression

Post Natal Depression – DVD for teaching

Bereaved dads – Facebook group

How infertility shapes who we become

Pregnancy and birth information

Antenatal Expressing of Colostrum

Video: The Basics of Breast Massage and Hand Expression

Pregnancy Sickness Support

Protecting human rights in childbirth

Birth choice

Caesarean Birth and VBAC Information

The VBAC Education Project

Video: The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique

Home birth

Birth trauma and PTSD – raising awareness

Help for NICU parents

Breech birthing

Premature Baby

Best Beginnings

Neonatal Unity for Mothers and Babies

Resources: Resources for Parents of Premature Infants

Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition (SPIN)

Video: Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition

Preemie and PTSD

Breastfeeding premature twins

The first few weeks with a baby

The dangers of crying it out

What happened to ethics in paediatric medicine?

Does a new study really support leaving your child to cry?

Do babies need to wear hats?

Normal Newborn Behaviour

Skin to skin contact

Neils Bergman – Kangaroo Care

Parenting Multiples

Parenting Teens and Young Adult Multiples

Dad’s point of view: Breastfeeding as a team sport

Tongue Ties

Tongue, Lips and Cheek Ties

Oral motor skills and breastfeeding – oral defensiveness

Tell me about tongue ties

Is my baby tongue-tied?

Helping mothers breastfeed their newborn infants

Video: Laser anterior tongue tie revision

Video: Laser posterior tongue tie revision

Video: Laser tongue tie revision healing and care instructions

The hidden cause of feeding problems? (however you feed your baby)

Breastfeeding should be fun and enjoyable – Why does it hurt when I breastfeed?

He’s just a bad nurser

Result of tongue tie clip: 9 month old – from eating little to lots

Video: Result of a tongue tie clip in a 42 year old woman

Story of a tongue tie division (clip) of an older baby

Tongue Tie UK – Connecting with other parents and health professionals

Tongue Tie and Bodywork

Is your baby a tether-berg or tether-floe?

Tongue Tie and Speech

Failure to treat tongue tie: Implications over the life cycle

Hobart speech pathologist leading the world

Tongue Tie and Reflux

Holistic treatment of reflux (GERD) and colic in babies

Healing world one vagal nerve time

Tongue tie – Mums story – holistic care

When breast meets tongue tied baby

Consequences of untreated tongue tie

Tongue tie: Information for parents and practitioners

What we have learned from our tongue tied babies?

The tongue was involved, but what was the trouble?

Tongue Tie and food

A hidden cause of children’s eating difficulties

Adult Tongue Tie

How I went from ankyloglossia to spanky new glossia, by letting my tongue be frank with me – a craniosacral perspective

Ride the bull: Hope for healing after frenectomy

Are you tongue tied?

Tongue tie in adults

What to expect after a tongue tie revision

What to expect after tongue-tie and lip-tie release

Thoughts on aftercare – stretches

Tongue tie – gentleness and compassion for the baby

The great debate: Tongue tie aftercare

Tongue exercises

Video: Frenectomy exercises with Melissa Cole of Luna Lactation

Upper Lip tie Info

Introducing the maxillary labial frenulum – Thoughts on breastfeeding with an upper labial tie

Breastfeeding baby with lip and posterior tongue ties

What a Difference a Day Makes

Thomas’ journey from bottle-feeding to exclusive breastfeeding

Laser treatment for Lip Ties and Tongue Ties

London – Dr Levinkind

Huddersfield – Cote Royd Dental Practice

Thoughts and information on ‘tummy time’

How to do tummy time

Tummy time method

Tummy time for all ages

Sensory benefits of crawling and four point positioning

Information auf Deutsch

Information Deutschland

The Gestalt Centre London: Information on Gestalt and Gestalt courses

Chronic illness – The Spoon Theory

The Sacred Trust: information on Shamanism and courses

Explanation of all the different titles: Peer supporter, Breastfeeding Counsellor IBCLC etc.