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Some of you might know that I trained a few month ago with ‘’ and am now a ‘Birth and Bereavement Doula’.

I decided to do this training as I was shocked to see in my work as Breastfeeding counsellor/IBCLC and Gestalt Counsellor how litttle support there is out there for parents who have gone through this particular nightmare.

Part of the problem is that in our society death in general is not something people talk about often and when it comes to a stillbirth even less – and I do understand that this is not done out of malice 🙂

Therefore when I came across the project ‘Return to Zero’ and a chance to help create a better support system – I grabbed it with both hands and now I am asking you for your help.

This is what this film is about (from their website):


Based on a true story, RETURN TO ZERO tells the story of a couple who, just weeks before the delivery of their son, are devastated to learn that he has died in the womb and will be stillborn.

Grief and trauma nearly destroys their marriage, until they learn they are again pregnant, and must navigate their way through a terrifying and turbulent pregnancy with the help of an empathetic doctor.  With warmth, humor, and exploration of the human spirit RETURN TO ZERO casts a light on an all-too-often overlooked subject (

Here is some info of what it means to be a leader and what they want to achieve:

I am not asking you to become a leader (that doesn’t mean you can’t become one if you want too wink) – I am asking you to make a pledge and if you want – spread the word. Here is the link for the pledge:

I’ll leave you with the words of Sean Hanish:

Some people are hesitant to pledge because they think it will cost them something down the road–I get that.

Please make it clear to people who are pledging that there is no obligation to see the film opening weekend. We’re not going to badger or bully them. And if they change their mind and don’t want to see the film at all that’s fine too. By pledging they are simply helping us let Hollywood know that there is interest in this film from a wider audience. And while it doesn’t cost them anything to pledge, their names are GOLD to us! (Obviously, if they have no interest in seeing the film then they shouldn’t pledge.) 

Petra Hoehfurtner

Local Leader

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