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I think a lot of people will have heard about the Time magazine’s cover of breastfeeding (Are you Mum enough and the furore it caused.

Breastfeeding and attachment parenting have been all over the media. Films, interviews and statements came in from all sides of the arguments. 

I took it all in and noticed I was emotionally not engaging – I had stepped back and observed.

What an interesting reaction.

Curious I started exploring what had led me to this course of action.

I noticed that I felt overwhelmed with all these different points of view, as most of them had something I agreed with or could at least follow up.

  • Yes – it is great that it has started a discussion about breastfeeding and/or attachment parenting
  • Yes – it was only done to up sales
  • Yes – it is provocative (which is either viewed as brilliant or unacceptable)

and thus the list goes on……

What I was left with in the end is the question:

What is the impact on the women/parents who sit, like I did, in the middle of it all, trying to make sense of all the arguments? 

  • Do they find it supportive and informative?
  • Does it help parents to sit back and reflect?
  • Does it encourage dialog? 
  • Or does it invite a stance of: If you are not for me you are against me?
  • Are the responses coming from a place of compassion, so that an opportunity like this doesn’t end up as mud-slinging contest?
  • Is it really opening the doors it needs? Or is it opening wounds and therefore closing doors?

As you can see – I am still in the process of making up my mind.

While I agree that there are plenty of discussions needed until our society becomes one that supports families in their fully informed choices, I also hope it will be done with compassion and mindfulness of the impact it might have.

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